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BlackBerry's Android phone shown off on video
BlackBerry's upcoming Android phone, the BlackBerry Venice, has shown up in a walk through video. Although the BlackBerry Venice is not due out until November, you can get a glimpse of BlackBerry's latest offering now. There were rumors that the next BlackBerry phone would feature a curved display. ....more
Two user experience issues Apple should fix now
I love AirPlay. If you have an iOS device and an Apple TV you probably use AirPlay. You can mirror your device on your television, or you can stream content from your device to your TV. When AirPlay first launched it seemed like a dream. All of a sudden I could get the content from my iPhone on my TV. Ap....more
Samsung rumored to launch Galaxy S6 Edge with two Edge displays
Samsung released the Galaxy Note Edge last year as a proof of concept of sorts. It was an effort at showing the world its innovation chops. Whether a curved display is needed or wanted is up for debate, but Samsung looks to be pushing the envelope a bit further. A rumor is floating that Samsung will relea....more
Red BlackBerry Passport shows up at CES
The tech companies were in Las Vegas last week at CES and BlackBerry was no exception. The company showed off their red BlackBerry Passport and MobileSyrup got the shots. The red Passport was one of many limited edition devices including blue, white, and bronze editions of the Classic. The red Blac....more
BlackBerry taking pre-orders for Classic
BlackBerry Bold and Curve fans have a reason to celebrate. BlackBerry is currently taking pre-orders on the BlackBerry Classic. The BlackBerry Classic is a throw back phone design that resembles the BlackBerry Bold. Do you miss the physical keyboard? BlackBerry wants to satisfy your longing for the days w....more
BBM now available for Windows Phone
In a not so surprising move, BlackBerry has a version of its BBM software for Windows Phone. The company hopes the move makes BBM appealing to enterprise customers. In an effort to turn the company around, BlackBerry decided to monetize BBM as a separate service for other platforms. Previously BBM was a fa....more
Massive leak shows iPhone 6 glass display
A massive leak of reported iPhone 6 display parts has been published. Leave it to 9to5mac to come up with the goods. The close up pictures show what seems to be a curved display. The side by side pictures of the iPhone 6 next to an iPhone 5 display glass gives us a good idea of the amount of new real esta....more
iPhone 6 concept is gorgeous, but we will never see it live
Don't you just love those iPhone concept photos and videos? They come out periodically and tease Apple fanboys with what could be. Ciccarese Design has some new iPhone 6 concept photos out today and they are gorgeous. Too bad we will never see a phone like this in real life. Ciccarese Design mad....more
BlackBerry should get back to basics
It might be too late for BlackBerry to recover from its painful decline, but their only chance is to get back to basics. When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, the consumer market shifted. BlackBerry had dominated the enterprise market for years and was afraid Apple would eat into their market. They pani....more
Budget iPhone with polycarbonate body
Remember the days when the iPhone had a polycarbonate body? If the rumors are true, a new budget iPhone will take us back a few years with a polycarbonate back. This time the back will not be curved, but going back to a polycarbonate body will allow Apple to make a more affordable iPhone for emerging market....more
Apple stock sinks to lowest level since 2011
Apple's stock is taking a tumble today, and it has reached the lowest level since 2011. So much for all those insider stock options. Some are blaming the recent tumble on a recent note from Jefferies & Company analyst Peter Misek who said Apple would face a couple of disappointing quarters. Then there was ....more
Leaked image of curve-like QWERTY BB10 phone
A leaked image purports to be a low end BlackBerry 10 R-series phone. The leaked photo popped up in the forums yesterday, and is supposedly a lower end "Curve" like device. Little is known officially about the device, but it is a QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device that will launch later this year.....more
Apple could take some cues from the HTC One
Phil Nickinson from Android Central has made a comparison video between the HTC One and the iPhone 5. As you can imagine, the HTC One looks much bigger because it is. As an iPhone user, there are a few cues I wish Apple would take from the HTC One. First of all, the top and bottom bezels are very s....more
Roku 3 brings new interface, private viewing
Roku has a new streaming box out. The Roku 3 adds a few curves to the boring black box, but it also adds a faster processor and new interface. The new grid interface makes viewing all of your channels at a glance much easier. The faster processor obviously provides a more fluid experience. One of ....more
BlackBerry will not introduce an entry level BB 10 device this year
Despite a promise to launch six BlackBerry 10 devices this year, BlackBerry will not be introducing an entry level BlackBerry 10 device this year. BlackBerry European MD Stephen Bates told Tech Radar the company has decided to stick with the premium price point for its BlackBerry 10 devices. more
BlackBerry 10 officially launched
Research in Motion officially launched BlackBerry 10 today in New York City. Many people have been anxiously awaiting this day for a long time. Did RIM live up to the hype? Maybe, not really. The BlackBerry 10 OS looks really different, and really nice, although there is a learning curve to mak....more
BlackBerry 10 gestures demoed on video
BlackBerry 10's launch is just a few weeks away and it can't come soon enough. BB 10 will introduce new gestures to the BlackBerry and they look great. There will probably be a bit of a learning curve for users, but for the most part the gestures make sense. Check out this video demo of the gestur....more
BlackBerry 9620 launched by Nextel Mexico
Can you believe RIM is still releasing BlackBerry 7 phones? Nextel Mexico, and Research In Motion today launched the first BlackBerry 7 smartphone for the new Nextel Evolution Network. The BlackBerry Curve 9620 features BlackBerry OS 7.1, and a 5MP camera with flash. The press release follows: <....more
Apple should not wait to revamp iOS
Let's face it, Apple is behind. The company that changed the smartphone forever is now behind the curve in the smartphone world. iOS is starting to feel old at a time when other companies are moving ahead with operating systems that feel fresh. Microsoft has a brand new UI with Windows Phone 8. No more bo....more
Three Windows Phone 8 devices coming to AT&T November 9
AT&T is set to release three new Windows Phones on November 9 with pre-orders beginning on November 7. The Nokia Lumia 920 will be released at $99.99, the Nokia Lumia 820 at $49.99, and the Windows Phone 8X by HTC at $99.99. Check out AT&T's website for details or to pre-order your device. more
Apple is slipping
Iím not going to be a naysayer who predicts doom and gloom for Apple. They are not failing by any stretch of the imagination, but they are slipping and could fall behind the curve they set if they are not careful. Since the passing of Steve Jobs Apple has been able to maintain incredible numbers as ....more
Google officially unveils LG Nexus 4
Google and LG had to cancel today's Nexus event in New York City due to hurricane Sandy, but that didn't stop the companies from officially announcing the next Nexus phone. The Nexus 4 will be available on November 13 for $299. It has a 4.7 inch IPS display that runs 1280◊768. and also runs on a Qua....more
BlackBerry 10 will launch with more apps than any other first generation OS
We all know that RIM is way behind the curve in the smartphone market right now. Their new BlackBerry 10 OS isn't due to hit until next year and they're losing marketshare like crazy. However, RIM wants everyone to know that BlackBerry 10 will launch with more available apps than any other first generation ....more
Verizon will carry BlackBerry 10
Finally we have some good news for RIM. Verizon has confirmed that it will carry a BlackBerry 10 device. The news came courtesy of Verizon Chief Marketing Officer Tami Erwin, who told CNET of Verizon's plans. Unfortunately we'll have to wait until Q1 of next year before we see a new BlackBerry 10 p....more
Spotify for BlackBerry available now
Spotify for BlackBerry is no longer in Preview. The final version of Spotify for BlackBerry is now available in the BlackBerry App World. To download the app simply to go on your BlackBerry. Spotify for BlackBerry is compatible with GSM BlackBerrys including the Bold 9780, Bold 9700, ....more
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Found: 210   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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