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John Chen takes to Twitter to celebrate T-Mobile's BB Classic launch
News - May 15, 2015
BlackBerry and T-Mobile settled their recent dispute and T-Mobile is now offering BlackBerry again. BlackBerry CEO John Chen took to Twitter to celebrate the BlackBerry Classic on T-Mobile. Chen tweeted a photo of himself more

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BlackBerry CEO knows his job is tough, but isn't worried about it
News - May 14, 2015
BlackBerry CEO John Chen has an almost impossible job. How does he turn a once dominant company around while the market has completely changed? BlackBerry was once the dominant smartphone in the market, but these days Apple and more

T-Mobile to sell BlackBerry again
News - May 07, 2015
T-Mobile and BlackBerry had a bit of a falling out last year, but it looks like the two companies have repaired their strained relationship. T-Mobile stopped selling BlackBerry last year but the company will reverse course and more

BlackBerry would work with Apple on security if asked
News - April 30, 2015
BlackBerry CEO John Chen explained how rival companies can compete and not be enemies. In an interview with CNN, Chen says if asked BlackBerry would work with Apple on security. When the interviewer asks if Apple has talked to more

John Chen says BlackBerry working on the next "cool" phone
News - April 27, 2015
BlackBerry CEO John Chen knows how to market his products. Every since he took over the reigns at BlackBerry, Chen has been unwavering in his view that he could save BlackBerry and turn the company around. He has been quite more

WhatsApp calling now official on BlackBerry 10
News - April 24, 2015
WhatsApp has been updated to version and the new update makes voice calling official. A couple of days ago WhatsApp announced voice calling support for Windows Phone, and now the company makes the BB version official more

Control your computer with TeamViewer for BlackBerry
News - April 23, 2015
Do you use TeamViewer? I do, and I love it. TeamViewer is a free program that allows you to control another computer over the Internet. TeamViewer has an app for BlackBerry that allows you to control your computer from your more

BlackBerry Leap makes its way around the world
News - April 22, 2015
BlackBerry launched the BlackBerry Leap in the UK, but the Leap is quickly making its way around the world. The BlackBerry Leap is now available in the US, France, Germany, and the UK. BlackBerry also lists the Leap as "coming more

BlackBerry Oslo pics leaked
News - April 17, 2015
BlackBerry is still releasing new devices. We just saw the release of the BlackBerry Leap in the UK, and now we have a leaked photo of an upcoming BlackBerry Oslo. The BB Oslo features a square design and physical keyboard. more

BlackBerry Leap launched by Vodafone UK
News - April 15, 2015
The BlackBerry Leap is making its worldwide debut in the UK on Vodafone. The lower-end BlackBerry targeted at mobile professionals looking for a touchscreen device is currently being offered for free on Vodafone's website. If more

BlackBerry Passport wins coveted design award
News - April 13, 2015
When BlackBerry introduced the BlackBerry Passport the company was widely mocked for the odd design. Some people called the Passport "weird," while others predicted it would fail. It looks like BlackBerry is getting the last more

BBM messages are not private and secure
News - April 08, 2015
BlackBerry touts its encryption and claims BBM messages are completely private, but according to the Wall Street Journal, the company handed over hundreds of messages to Brazilian prosecutors as part of a corruption scandal. more

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