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Samsung to buy BlackBerry for $7.5 billion?
News - January 26, 2015
Rumors were flying last week about a possible acquisition of BlackBerry by Samsung. While both companies denied the rumors, sending BlackBerry stock straight down, the rumors persist. Samsung is apparently interested in more

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BlackBerry still popular in Davos
News - January 23, 2015
The World Economic Forum has been going on in Davos, Switzerland this week, and it appears it is one of the last places where BlackBerry has significant market share. According to Business Insider, many people in Davos are more

BlackBerry shares soar on new Samsung rumors
News - January 22, 2015
The rumors just won't go away. BlackBerry stock was riding high a few days ago on rumors Samsung would acquire BlackBerry. After both Samsung and BlackBerry denied takeover rumors, BlackBerry stock tanked. Samsung said it more

White BlackBerry Classic photos leaked
News - January 22, 2015
BlackBerry has released previous phones in multiple colors so a white BlackBerry Classic is no surprise. We just have not seen the white Classic until now. Photos of a white BlackBerry Classic popped up on the Internet today more

John Chen calls for Application Neutrality
News - January 21, 2015
BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, recently sent a letter to members of congress to address the net neutrality issue. The letter went to the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, the Chairman of more

Is Samsung still pursuing purchase of BlackBerry despite denials?
News - January 21, 2015
Rumors were swirling about a possible acquisition of BlackBerry by Samsung until both companies denied the rumors this week. According to the Financial Post however, Samsung is still pursuing a BlackBerry takeover. The more

Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10 updated
News - January 20, 2015
Although BlackBerry would prefer all its user use BBM, there are other messaging apps for BlackBerry. WhatsApp is probably the most popular messaging app in the world, and they have recently updated their app for BlackBerry 10. more

Evernote drops support for BlackBerry 7 and PlayBook
News - January 20, 2015
Evernote is a very popular note taking app known for being accessible on virtually any platform. They support all major mobile and desktop devices, and have been used by BlackBerry users for years. Evernote is doing some house more

Samsung wants to partner with BlackBerry, not acquire
News - January 19, 2015
BlackBerry stock went crazy last week when a report surfaced that the company had met with Samsung about a read more

BlackBerry selling Limited Edition Gold BlackBerry Passport
News - January 17, 2015
BlackBerry is releasing a limited edition Gold BlackBerry Passport. BlackBerry's online store says only 50 Gold Passports were made worldwide. If you think this is a collector's item now is the time to buy it. Be prepared to more

BlackBerry stock drops after denying Samsung acquisition
News - January 15, 2015
Despited BlackBerry's recent string of good news, a report by Reuters suggested BlackBerry was in talks with Samsung about a $7 billion acquisition. BlackBerry denied the report, and its stock tumbled nearly 17% in early more

BlackBerry caught tweeting from an iPhone
News - January 14, 2015
BlackBerry is trying to convince the world that it is better than the iPhone, yet someone the company apparently uses an iPhone. How embarrassing can it get for BlackBerry? The Verge busted the Canadian smartphone maker when it more

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