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BlackBerry gets U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency clearance
BlackBerry said its Android and iOS device-management service has been awarded security clearance from the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). That means that government agencies can now use the BlackBerry Enterprise Service for secure communications. BlackBerry expanded BES to rival dev....more
BBM now available for Windows Phone
In a not so surprising move, BlackBerry has a version of its BBM software for Windows Phone. The company hopes the move makes BBM appealing to enterprise customers. In an effort to turn the company around, BlackBerry decided to monetize BBM as a separate service for other platforms. Previously BBM was a fa....more
Apple in talks for mobile payment system
Apple is in talks with major credit card companies about a mobile payment system for iOS devices, according to a report from The Information. Apple is currently talking to Visa about a possible partnership that could bypass third-party payment processors. The partnership could cut out the middle man and pro....more
BlackBerry says Android and iOS users already switching to Passport
BlackBerry says Android and iOS users are already switching back to BB because of the Passport. The BB Passport is new, and thus users want to come back to check it out. That's the logic at BlackBerry anyway. They could be right, but keep in mind the title of their blog post is "Welcome Back! 12 Consumers E....more
Apple releases political video on Pride
Apple has released a new video about the San Francisco Pride parade on June 29, 2014. Apple employees and families took part in the parade. Apple gave out t-shirts and caps to parade walkers, and even raised the Pride flag over their Cupertino headquarters. I love Apple, and use all of their prod....more
Apple releases iOS 7.1.2 update
Apple has released an update to iOS 7.1.2. The update contains bug fixes and security updates, and although this is not a major update, all users should update their devices. iOS 7.1.2 features an update to iBeacon for better connectivity and stability, as well as data transfers for 3rd party accessories, and....more
Adobe launches Photoshop for Windows Phone
Adobe has finally brought one of their most popular apps to Windows Phone. Android and iOS users have had a mobile version of Adobe Photoshop for a long time now and Windows Phone was feeling left out. Adobe decided it was finally time to bring WP into the mix. Windows Phone users can now edit their photos....more
Roku remote app comes to Windows Phone
Roku has had an app on Android and iOS for awhile now, but Windows Phones and tablets were left out. Roku announced recently that they now have apps for Windows 8/8.1 phones and Windows 8.1 devices in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Republic of Ireland. That means you can control your Roku box from your Windows ....more
Amazon launches Fire Phone
Amazon launched their first smartphone today, and it looks like a decent offering. The Amazon Fire Phone has a few unique features, but it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to move people away from Android and iOS over to Amazon. Probably the most interesting feature of the Fire Phone is ....more
BlackBerry releases BBM Protected
BlackBerry announced their eBBM suite of business products earlier this year, and they've made good on their promise. The suite is aimed at enterprise users, therefore security is a central focus. BlackBerry today released the first app in the suite, BBM Protected. The secure chat app offers enterprise use....more
Apple quietly protects user privacy
One key feature in iOS 8 was not discussed on stage, but is a huge win for customers. Apple is apparently taking user privacy very seriously at the expense of retailers, and companies that collect user data. When Apple unveiled iOS 8 at WWDC last week they didn't mention an important change to location trac....more
OS X 10.10 Handoff to iOS 8 featured in video
Apple announced a several new features in OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8 at WWDC on Monday. One of the most interesting features is part of their "Continuity" effort. The new feature, called "Handoff", makes all your devices aware of what each other are doing. Handoff allows you to move information between ....more
BBM Protected provides each message its own encryption keys
BlackBerry has seriously beefed up its already secure BBM chat system. BBM has been known for its end to end encryption, but BlackBerry is taking it to the next level. Although difficult to break BBM's encryption, if it was broken an intruder could see everything you said. BlackBerry will change this by is....more
Apple to fix iMessage issue affected people who switch from iPhone
Anyone has used an iPhone then switched to another platform knows the frustration when Apple doesn't release your number from iMessage. It has happened to several people I know. iMessage release your number and acts as if you still have an iPhone. The result is you cannot receive text messages on your new ....more
BBM is coming to Windows Phone later this year
After successful debuts on Android and iOS, BlackBerry will make BBM available on Windows Phone. Although no specific date has been announced, BBM for WP will make an appearance later this year. BlackBerry has started their monetization plan for BBM and adding another platform will help widen that revenue s....more
Flappy Bird coming back to iOS
Flappy Bird was apparently so addicting, the popular game was pulled by its developer. Rumors swirled that he was being sued by a gaming company for copyright infringement, but it looks like those rumors may have been incorrect because he is bringing the game back. In an interview with CNBC, Flappy....more
BlackBerry may offer video calling feature
BlackBerry could be developing a video conferencing service as part of BBM. Voice calling will be a free feature for BBM, but BlackBerry may be developing something more. The company has already announced plans to monetize BBM. Could video calls be part of that plan? David Proulx, the senior dir....more
BlackBerry adding security features for iOS and Android devices
BlackBerry has always been known for their stellar security, but those security options were only available on BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry is changing that history today as it offers mobility management and security monitoring to its enterprise platform and extending those options to iOS and Android devic....more
The iPhone 6 will be as thin as the current iPod
A leaked iPhone 6 case provides a lot of details for this interested geek. Unbox Therapy got its hands on a leaked iPhone 6 case and decided to test its theory that the next iPhone would be as think as the current iPod. They popped an iPod in the leaked case for kicks, and the results were surprisi....more
Does iOS 7.1.1 have a bluetooth bug?
Apple released iOS 7.1.1 the other day. The update has several bug fixes and has reportedly improved battery life on the iPhone 5. After installing the update, my battery seems to perform better, but I may have a new issue now. Bluetooth seems to turn on randomly for me on iOS 7.1.1. I never use bluetooth....more
BlackBerry use doubles in London Underground
Virgin Media has been adding WiFi stations in the London Underground. Since turning on an additional six stations, Virgin reports BlackBerry use doubled. People are using their BlackBerry devices to check email while they commute. This may sound like fantastic news for BlackBerry but it's not qui....more
BBM Stickers selling surprisingly well
BlackBerry decided to monetize BBM for iOS and Android by selling stickers to its customers. The BBM app is free, but BlackBerry is up selling customers with fancy stickers. Many questioned the move when it was announced about a week ago, but the results are in, and they're doing surprisingly well. more
Facebook Messenger for Android adds Free WiFi calling
Facebook Messenger for Android has been updated with a big new feature. Now you can make free WiFi calls using Messenger for Android. Free WiFi calls hasn't even made it to Google Hangouts on Android yet, although iOS users have had the feature for awhile. Also new in the updated Messenger is a Gro....more
Microsoft will make Windows free for devices under 9 inches
Microsoft's new CEO seems to be having a big impact since taking over the software giant. One of the bigger pieces of news to come out of Build 2014 was the announcement that Microsoft will make Windows and Windows Phone free for devices under 9 inches. That is huge news for Microsoft. How could they expec....more
Amazon announces Fire TV streaming video box
Amazon is jumping into the streaming video box market with its own Fire TV box. Amazon announced Fire TV today, and it amounts to another competitor to Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast. Fire TV includes voice search which allows you to speak into the remote control and find movies by name. Other than that, th....more
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Found: 362   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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