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Nokia announces Lumia Icon for Verizon
The Nokia Lumia Icon has been officially announced. We've heard rumors of this device for sometime, and now it is official. Verizon will get the Lumia Icon exclusively. Nokia says the first thing you will notice is the full 1080p HD, 5-inch display. The metal construction should give the device ....more
Leaked photo of Nokia Lumia 929
Another leaked photo of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 929 has shown up in the WPCentral forums. We've seen other leaks in the past, but this photo provides a slightly different angle. The Lumia 929 is said to have a massive 2510mAh battery to keep it going for a long time. It will launch on Verizon sometime in ....more
Nokia Lumia 1520 on sale for $99 at Amazon
Amazon is offering the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet for just $99 with. The Lumia 1520 is currently the largest Windows Phone on the market, and Amazon is selling it for $100 less than your local AT&T store. To get the $99 price you will have to sign up for a new 2-year contract, of course. The Lumia 15....more
Nokia posts Lumia 1020 lens video
Nokia has posted a video on its YouTube account that takes you behind the lens of the 41MP Lumia 1020 camera, and it's worth watching. If you missed the recent Lumia 1020 launch event you should check out this video. Nokia has hit a home run with the Lumia 1020 camera. From the description: more
Nokia sells 5.6 million Lumias in Q1 2013
Nokia had an operating loss for Q1 2013 with $7.7 billion in revenue, but there was a silver lining in the company's financial report. Nokia manged to sell 5.6 million Lumia phones during Q1 2013. That is a 30% increase over the previous quarter. That's great news for Microsoft even though Nokia is still h....more
Verizon Lumia 928 Windows Phone leaked
Verizon will be getting the Nokia Lumia 928 soon if you believe the rumors. We've heard several rumors, and even seen reports of the Lumia 928 showing up in Verizon's inventory. Now we're starting to see the leaked photos dribble out. @evleaks posted the photo above on Twitter. You can see the Verizon bra....more
Mint green Nokia Lumia 920 on the way?
Nokia has always had a tendency to build phones in various colors. The current line of Lumia phones offers several color options including blue, red, yellow, black, and white, but they don't have green...yet. The picture above was posted on the Facebook page of Nokia’s arm in Jordan leading a lot of people ....more
Is this the Nokia Lumia 950?
The photo above is supposedly a prototype of the next Lumia 950 Windows Phone from Nokia. Windows Phone Central published the pic today, but made clear they could not confirm the legitimacy of the photo. They suggest several reasons to be skeptical including aliasing in the photo, and the Windows logo appea....more
AT&T drops price of HTC 8X to $50
AT&T has dropped the price of the HTC 8X to just $49. Originally, the 8X was more expensive than the Lumia 920 which certainly seemed odd. AT&T dropped the price of both phones, but now they're going down to the basement with the $49 price tag. You can pick up the 8GB version for $49, or the 16GB ....more
Nokia makes #2InstaWithLove available to all Windows Phone users
Nokia released an app called #2InstaWithLove to mock Instagram into creating a WP app. #2InstaWithLove allows users to post pictures to social networks with the tag #2InstaWithLove, effectively begging Instagram to create a native app for Windows Phone. The only problem with the app was that it on....more
Instagram reportedly coming to Windows Phone as a Nokia exclusive
Windows Phone users have been left out of the Instagram craze, but that could be about to change. A Chinese blog, WPDang, has apparently got its hands on some leaked promotional materials for the Nokia Lumia 610 that includes an Instgram icon. The rumor is that there is an official Instagram app, but it wil....more
Verizon leak shows Nokia Lumia 928
Verizon users have not been able to get their hands on the flagship Nokia Lumia 920, but if an internal leak is real, it won't be long. Someone tipped off PhoneArena with screen shots showing a Lumia 928 phone is on its way to Verizon. It looks like Nokia's flagship phone will be offered in black, gray, red....more
Nokia Lumia 820 going to Mexican carrier Telcel
Guerrero Mobile announced via Twitter that the Nokia Lumia 820 will go to Mexican carrier Telcel. If Windows Phone is to gain traction they need to provide people with phones, and not everyone can swing the Nokia 920. The 820 is a good phone and can still get people into Microsoft's ecosystem. The....more
Official Tumblr app coming to Windows Phone
Windows Phone continues to make slow progress in the app department, and thanks to Nokia a new Tumblr app will be showing up for Windows Phone. Nokia has announced partnerships with app developers, and it looks like an official Tumblr app will make it to Windows Phone in the near future. more
Get a black Nokia Lumia 920 for a penny
If you're in the market for a Nokia Lumia 920, and you're on AT&T, you can pick one up for a penny. That's right, one cent and it's yours. is running a promotion that will get you the latest and greatest Nokia Lumia phone for a cent. The deal is restricted to AT&T customers, and they only have....more
Nokia releases Lumia 820 3D printing specs to print your own back cover
If you have a Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone and a 3D printer, you can customize your own back cover for your phones. The Lumia 820 already comes with a removable shell so you can purchase more than one to suit your needs, but now the company has released the full specs so you can print one yourself if you ha....more
Nokia releases new Switch to Lumia TV ad
Nokia has released a new TV commercial trying to convince people to switch to a Windows Phone 8 Lumia phone. The commercial is short and straight forward, and focuses on people doing simple tasks with their phones. The Nokia Lumia 920 is a nice phone, but the comercial does make it look a little chunky. <....more
Nokia Lumia 920 survives hit by pitching machine
Nokia has launched a #switch campaign, trying to get users to dump their current smartphone for Nokia's Windows Phone. They've released a few videos so far, and this ridiculous test is the latest in the campaign. The Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy S3 have challenged each other to see who could h....more
Nokia announces better than expected Q4 2012 sales
Nokia just told investors that the company did better than expected in Q4 2012. The company sold 4.4 million Lumia phones in the quarter. That is 1.5 million more phones than it sold in the previous quarter, and 3.4 million more than it sold in Q4 2011.
"We are pleased that Q4 2012 was ....more
Mark Cuban says Nokia's Lumia 920 “crushes the iPhone 5. Not even close.”
Outspoken billionaire Mark Cuban says he has replaced his iPhone 5 with the Nokia Lumia 920, and that the Lumia 920 “crushes the iPhone 5. Not even close.” The comment came out while hosting an AMA session on Reddit where people were told to ask Cuban anything.
“I have a MacBook Air, but....more
Three Windows Phone 8 devices coming to AT&T November 9
AT&T is set to release three new Windows Phones on November 9 with pre-orders beginning on November 7. The Nokia Lumia 920 will be released at $99.99, the Nokia Lumia 820 at $49.99, and the Windows Phone 8X by HTC at $99.99. Check out AT&T's website for details or to pre-order your device. more
HTC Windows Phone 8X coming to T-Mobile on November 14
According to a leaked roadmap T-Mobile will offer the HTC Windows Phone 8X phone on November 14. The leaked roadmap was obtained and published by TmoNews. The 8X will feature a 4.3-inch 720p HD Super LCD 2 display, a 1.5GHz processor, and Beats Audio. The phone will go head to head with Nokia's Lumia 920. ....more
Alcatel to launch Windows Phone 7.8 phone
A new phone from Alcatel running Windows Phone has leaked. Previously Alcatel phones ran Android, but it looks like Alcatel will enter the low end Windows Phone market. This phone runs Windows Phone 7.8. That's right, 7.8. This phone will probably be called the Alcatel One Touch View and its specs are alo....more
Nokia snags exclusive app deals for Lumia Windows Phones
Nokia has announced a few exclusive partnerships to kick off their CTIA 2012 conference. Nokia has partnered with PGA Tour to bring the game to the Lumia line of Windows Phones. The deal is an exclusive for Nokia for 12 months, starting in June 2012. Nokia also negotiated exclusive 6 month deals to bring ....more
Apple Founder Woz likes Windows Phone over Android
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is saying surprising things about Windows Phone. In a recent interview Woz sings Windows Phone's praises calling it "beautiful." Woz thinks Windows Phone is more intuitive than Android and even calls the experience of using WP like working "with a friend not a tool." more
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