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iPhone vs Android argument leads to stabbing
Two Tulsa, Oklahoma roommates stabbed each other during an argument over smartphone platforms. The two roommates were apparently drunk when they got into a fanboy discussion about which platform was better, iPhone or Android. A woman came home around 1 am and found a man stumbling around the apartme....more
News Republic shuts down their Windows Phone app
Although Windows Phone has seen some growth recently, and Windows 10 for Phones holds a lot of promise, another high profile app has bailed on WP. News Republic has dropped their Windows Phone apps because it is simply not sustainable. The company dropped their News Republic and Appy Geek reader apps. ....more
BlackBerry Leap launched by Vodafone UK
The BlackBerry Leap is making its worldwide debut in the UK on Vodafone. The lower-end BlackBerry targeted at mobile professionals looking for a touchscreen device is currently being offered for free on Vodafone's website. If you choose one of their plans starting at 22 you can get a free Leap. T....more
Viber for Windows Phone updated
Viber for Windows Phone has been updated. The new update takes Viber to version 4.5. The latest updates makes viewing pictures in a conversation easier by allowing you to swipe through all the pics. You can get the latest update today, or check out the features at the link below. Key fea....more
Microsoft apps to be pre-installed on Samsung devices
Microsoft has announced a deal with Samsung that will bring Microsoft services to Samsung's Android devices. The deal is an important move for Microsoft as they try to be have influence on every platform. This is a strikingly different strategy than the Microsoft of old who relied on a near monopoly to keep....more
Lumia 640 listed on T-Mobile's website
Microsoft announced the Lumia 640 at the recent Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona. T-Mobile immediately announced plans to carry the device, but no launch date or pricing was given. The Lumia 640 is now listed as "coming soon" on T-Mobile's website which means we are inching closer to a release.....more
HTC CEO replaced, stays with company
The CEO of HTC was replaced today, but he's not leaving the company. HTC has released some of the best phones in the industry over the last two years, but the company continues to struggle. After a decade at the helm, CEO Peter Chou stepped down today and will be replaced its existing chairwoman and co-foun....more
Lumia 640 coming to MetroPCS in May
The recently announced Lumia 640 is coming to MetroPCS. Microsoft announced the Lumia 640 and 640XL at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago. It hasn't been available yet, but a source tipped off Windows Central that its coming to MetroPCS in May. MetroPCS will rep....more
Lenovo launching Windows Phone this year
Microsoft announced a partnership with Lenovo at the WinHEC conference in Shenzhen, China today. At the same time Lenovo announced it will make a smartphone running Windows and distribute it through China Mobile. That sounds like very exciting news for Microsoft as they could use all the customers they can ....more
Porsche designed BlackBerry Passport concept
BlackBerry recently announced a Porsche Design BlackBerry P9983 in Graphite with a leather back, and in fact the company was tweeting about it today. Now comes one designer's concept of what a Porsche Design BlackBerry Passport will look....more
Lumia 435 selling for ridiculous price
Users in the UK looking for an entry level device at a great price are in luck. The Lumia 435 has made it to Carphone Warehouse for a ridiculously low 29.99. That's just $46 US. Users on Virgin, T-Mobile, Orange, O2 or Vodafone PAYG should be able to pick up the Lumia 435 for next to nothing. The....more
Vaio launches its first Android smartphone
Remember Vaio? They used to be part of Sony Vaio, but no longer. The small company is on its own now and they have decided to jump into the smartphone market. The Vaio Phone is launching on b-mobile in Japan on March 20th. The Vaio Phone has okay specks. It sports a 5-inch display and runs Androi....more
Two-factor authentication app for BlackBerry 10 released
There are several two-factor authentication apps for BlackBerry, but Cyphercor Inc. is throwing their hat in the ring for BB10. The company announced their native two-factor authentication app for BlackBerry 10. According to the page in the BlackBerry World, the LoginTC app allows users to securely log on t....more
Bank of America drops Windows Phone app users
Bank of America announced in January it would drop its Windows and Windows Phone app because it did not have enough users. Dumb move, but more on that later. Bank of America has followed through on that promise and their app no longer works. The company directed users to access the bank through the mobile ....more
Boxer to power Cyanogen's email
Boxer has announced it has entered a partnership with Cyanogen to power the OS's default email app. Boxer will power the email client in the next Cyanogen 12 update, and will be the default client shipped with Cyanogen in the future.
Were truly excited to be partnering with a company t....more
BlackBerry pushes Passport reviews on YouTube
BlackBerry is doing everything it can to promote its hardware these days. With Samsung's announcements at the Mobile World Congress, and Apple's Spring Forward event taking up the headlines, the company is in a fierce battle to stay relevant. BlackBerry is using every online tool available to connect with t....more
BlackBerry pulls OS 10.3.1 update on older devices
BlackBerry has been forced to pull the OS 10.3 update from the Q10 and Z10 over performance and battery issues. The company received many complaints from users of the older devices and decided to pull the update until it can be worked out. MobileSyrup more
BlackBerry Classic in white ships this month
BlackBerry Classic fans have been waiting patiently for the alternate colors to arrive. BlackBerry Classics in white, blue, and bronze have been announced, but no timeline was given. During this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, BlackBerry revealed the new colors are on the way. The whit....more
Cyanogen CEO sees Samsung going down in 5 years
Although Samsung has been dominant in the smartphone space for the last few years, one Android insider says they're going to lose to the competition. Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster doesn't think Samsung can hang in there for too much longer. In fact, he told Business Insider that Samsung will get "slaughtered" ....more
Lumia 640 and 640 XL coming to AT&T and T-Mobile
As soon as Microsoft took the wraps off the Lumia 640 and 640 XL at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, AT&T and T-Mobile were quick to announce they would carry the new flagship phones. AT&T was first out of the gate when it released a more
Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 not coming to older devices?
It looks like Microsoft is so focused on Windows 10, they are leaving existing users out in the cold when it comes to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. Microsoft showed off some of the new features in Update 2 at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona when it launched the Lumia 640 and 640XL phones. Th....more
Google wireless service to require Nexus 6
This pas week at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Google executive Sundar Pichai confirmed that the company was exploring jumping into the cell phone carrier arena. Google appears to be working on a wireless service that would create new technology that leverages WiFi and different carriers....more
Will Microsoft release Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2?
Many have speculated whether Microsoft would release an update 2 for Windows Phone 8.1, or simply go straight to Windows 10 for phones. That speculation is rearing its head again after Microsoft announced the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. The two Lumia phone....more
Is Windows Phone 10 already gaining momentum?
Microsoft is in the midst of a massive effort to gain the ground they gave up in the mobile computing space when the completely missed the smartphone craze. Windows Phone 8 has not been a hit, but the company is not sitting in the corner and sulking. They embarked on an effort to make Windows look and act t....more
BlackBerry considering another tablet
BlackBerry has not had the best luck with tablets. The company released the PlayBook a few years ago and it basically flopped. BlackBerry CEO John Chen is not afraid to take another risk however. He was recently quoted as saying he is open to creating another tablet, but it has to be "iconic." I....more
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Found: 1939   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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