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Sony releases unlocked Xperia Z1 LTE
Sony has released an unlocked version of the Xperia Z1 for the US. The unlocked version of the Xperia Z1 now supports LTE carriers in the US (AT&T & T-Mobile) as well as larger Canadian carriers. The unlocked Z1 will cost you $620 and you can pick one up at Sony's online store. The Z1 comes in ....more
T-Mobile offers BlackBerry users $100 credit to choose another phone
BlackBerry ended its agreement with T-Mobile, but T-Mobile is not taking the news laying down. T-Mobile is now offering $100 credit to BlackBerry customers who choose another phone. T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere said he was disappointed with BlackBerry’s decision. The company is now offering $100 credit to k....more
Is this BlackBerry's next device?
BlackBerry's new CEO has already said he plans to release new BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry 10 devices were not all that successful, and it seems that BlackBerry will try to play to its strengths - the best mobile keyboard on the market. New leaked photos suggest a new BB is on the way. The ....more
Microsoft will make Windows free for devices under 9 inches
Microsoft's new CEO seems to be having a big impact since taking over the software giant. One of the bigger pieces of news to come out of Build 2014 was the announcement that Microsoft will make Windows and Windows Phone free for devices under 9 inches. That is huge news for Microsoft. How could they expec....more
BlackBerry cuts ties with T-Mobile
BlackBerry devices will no longer be available at T-Mobile as BlackBerry has severed ties with the cell phone carrier. According to Reuters, BlackBerry will end a contract allowing T-Mobile to sell its products. It's a gamble, but BlackBerry needs to stabilize its business. BlackBerry will continue....more
BlackBerry unveils BBM monetization plan
BlackBerry has finally announced its plan to monetize BBM. BlackBerry will look to raise revenue by going after sponsorships with brand names and by launching a new BBM Shop. Users will be able to purchase extra emoticons at first, but the BBM Shop will likely grow and eventually provide a secure mobile pay....more
White House testing Samsung, LG phones, may dump BlackBerry?
According to The Wall Street Journal, the White House is currently testing phones from Samsung and LG, threatening one of BlackBerry's last strongholds. BlackBerry has historically been known for security. When President Obama came into office he famously convinced the Secret Service to allow him to continu....more
BlackBerry unveils Q20 QWERTY device
BlackBerry unveiled a new phone Tuesday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The BlackBerry Q20 is the new flagship device for the struggling smartphone maker. The Q20 is a full QWERTY device, complete with a trackpad. The picture above is a concept photo, and not an official photo of the phon....more
BlackBerry announces Z3 for Indonesia
BlackBerry announced a new phone for the Indonesian market at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The new BlackBerry Z3 is a full touch device that will be targeted for Indonesia. The Z3 is a BlackBerry 10 device with a 5 inch display and "long lasting" battery. The Z3 is expected to retail for less th....more
Tripomatic launches travel planning app for BlackBerry 10
Travel planner Tripomatic has released a native app for BlackBerry 10 that enables travelers to create personalized travel itineraries and navigate around their destination. Travelers can download their itinerary to the app, plan their trips directly from their phones, or can use the app to discover interesti....more
T-Mobile CEO responds to BlackBerry user backlash over advertising
Although the BlackBerry fan base has been shrinking there are still die hards out there who don't like being dissed. A recent T-Mobile ad offering $0 down as a “great offer for BlackBerry customers" was not received well by BlackBerry fans. Over the last week T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere has been barraged b....more
BlackBerry not doing so well in Indonesia
BlackBerry was once dominant in Indonesia, but it appears the Canadian smartphone maker has lost ground to Samsung and Apple. The Indonesian market has been soft for BlackBerry as users hungry for apps are going for Android and iOS. According to a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), BlackB....more
BlackBerry 10 has the fastest mobile browser
BlackBerry 10 is still dominant over iOS and Android browsers in terms of load times. New Relic tested all of the mobile browsers and found that BlackBerry 10 smokes the competition by a wide margin. New Relic took data from over 16 billion mobile browser page views during October of 2013. The da....more
BlackBerry going back to its roots
BlackBerry is struggling to stay alive, but its new CEO might just have the recipe for success. Speaking to Bloomberg TV's Jon Erlichman at CES, John Chen confirmed that BlackBerry will focus on government business and devices with physical keyboards. BlackBerry reached its highest highs with the famed Blac....more
BlackBerry sues Ryan Seacrest backed Typo
Typo, a Ryan Seacrest backed company with an iPhone keyboard case, has been sued by BlackBerry for patent infringement. Typo created an iPhone slim case with a keyboard that looks almost exactly like a BlackBerry keyboard. It is no surprise that BlackBerry is going after Typo to protect its patents. The Typ....more
Can webOS succeed in a TV?
webOS was such a major fail despite being ahead of its time in so many ways. webOS was the unluckiest OS since BeOS. Palm hire former Apple designer Jon Rubinstein to breathe new life into Palm with the forward looking webOS. The results were amazing, but lack of funding, partnership with Sprint, and an un....more
BlackBerry gets order for 10,000 handsets
BlackBerry has had more than its share of bad news for the past several years. We all know the story about how the company crumbled in the wake of iOS and Android, but not everyone is bailing. One company just put in a big order with BlackBerry and the reason is a bit surprising. Europe's second l....more
BlackBerry announces more layoffs in Waterloo
BlackBerry is continuing the layoffs, announcing 80 people were laid off in Waterloo this week. The company is in transition and is moving to reduce its workforce by 4500. They will be a much smaller company when this round of layoffs is over, but it is necessary.
BlackBerry said in an ....more
BlackBerry pens open letter to enterprise customers
BlackBerry has issued its third open letter in recent months, this time to its enterprise customers. BlackBerry has received so much bad press recently, the company felt the need to assure enterprise customers that BlackBerry is still around and doing well. The letter basically admits that BlackBerry will s....more
Katie Couric joins Yahoo because Internet has wider reach than TV
Katie Couric announced this week she is joining Yahoo. When a major television figure like Katie Couric jumps from TV to an Internet company, and she's not at the end of her career, it's big news. She told Glamour Magazine in a recent interview:
"The [online] real estate is so valuable.....more
BlackBerry Z30 available on Verizon November 14
Despite nothing but bad news in the media, BlackBerry managed to release a new device. The BlackBerry Z30 is a 5-inch touchscreen device that will be available on Verizon on November 14. If you still love BlackBerry, and want a large screen, this is the one you want. The BlackBerry Z30 will set you back $2....more
Is HP looking to sell webOS patents?
According to Bloomberg, HP is looking to offload some webOS patents. Who can blame them? HP lost a big opportunity when it dumped webOS into open source, then sold the code to LD. Now HP apparently needs the cash. HP acquired webOS in 2010 when it bought Palm, and at the time intended to do somet....more
Boost Mobile offers iPhone 5S and 5C
The iPhone 5S and 5C are now available from Boost Mobile. The subsidiary of Sprint has not sold the iPhone until today, and they're offering customers a nice discount to make the switch to Boost. To get the iPhone on Boost Mobile you have to buy the iPhone outright. It can be painful, but in the lo....more
AT&T iPad activations up three times over last year
AT&T says iPad Air activations are up threefold over last year's iPad launch weekend. The company did not release specific numbers, but apparently the iPad Air is more popular than last year's iPad. That's not surprising however, as the iPad was an incremental upgrade that was nothing special. more
Viber updates BlackBerry app
Viber is not giving up on BlackBerry just yet. The company has released a new version of its BlackBerry app with new features to boot. In addition to privacy and location improvements, Viber for BlackBerry enhanced conversations with the ability to insert user images. In addition, a new "seen" status has be....more
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Found: 1879   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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