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Lollipop update for AT&T Galaxy Note 3 customers now available
AT&T customers using a Galaxy Note 3 can finally grab the Android 5.0 Lollipop update today. Users have probably already been prompted to upgrade by their phone. The upgrade is is over 1 GB in size, so you will need to be on WiFi to update. To update your device manually you can go to Settings > Ge....more
Microsoft apps to be pre-installed on Samsung devices
Microsoft has announced a deal with Samsung that will bring Microsoft services to Samsung's Android devices. The deal is an important move for Microsoft as they try to be have influence on every platform. This is a strikingly different strategy than the Microsoft of old who relied on a near monopoly to keep....more
HTC CEO replaced, stays with company
The CEO of HTC was replaced today, but he's not leaving the company. HTC has released some of the best phones in the industry over the last two years, but the company continues to struggle. After a decade at the helm, CEO Peter Chou stepped down today and will be replaced its existing chairwoman and co-foun....more
Microsoft working on ROM to convert Android phones to Windows Phone
Microsoft is working on an interesting initiative to turn Android phones into Windows Phone. According to TechCrunch, Microsoft is working with power users of Xiaomiís flagship Mi 4 Android smartphone in developing a system to override And....more
FaceTime calls on Android Wear via iPhone possible
Android Wear does not support iOS at the moment, yet one developer was able to get phone calls between the two devices working. Devekioer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh posted a video showing an Android Wear smartwatch receiving a FaceTime from an iPhone. He even picked up the call just to show that it actually works....more
BlackBerry Blend for BB10 updated
BlackBerry has updated BlackBerry Blend today, bringing new features that make it more effective when using it with other devices. New support for timed messages and Android attachments are now included, as well as security improvements. The new update is available in the App World now. BlackBerry ....more
BBM for Windows Phone updated
BlackBerry has released an update to the BBM messaging app for Windows Phone. The new updating brings BMM for Windows Phone Store to version This is a minor update with the standard bug fixes and can be downloaded in the Windows Phone Store now. "BBM brings you together in the moment with ....more
BlackBerry does not have a fix for FREAK yet
The world was informed of a flaw in nearly every computing platform a couple of weeks ago. The FREAK flaw is an OpenSSL vulnerability that allows man in the middle attacks on devices that could be tricked to use lower forms of encryption. Nearly every copy of Windows, Mac OS, BlackBerry, Android, iOS, etc.,....more
360 degree videos come to YouTube and Android
Google released a new feature today and it's pretty awesome. Well all know virtual reality headsets are becoming popular. Now Google aims to bring a similar experience to YouTube. You can now make and post 360 degree videos on YouTube. If you watch in a browser you will have a control on the top l....more
Vaio launches its first Android smartphone
Remember Vaio? They used to be part of Sony Vaio, but no longer. The small company is on its own now and they have decided to jump into the smartphone market. The Vaio Phone is launching on b-mobile in Japan on March 20th. The Vaio Phone has okay specks. It sports a 5-inch display and runs Androi....more
Should the Leap be the last BlackBerry?
BlackBerry is under scrutiny these days as the company tries to get back into profitability. The company's stock has been downgraded recently and investors are looking for anything they can hold onto. Writing for the more
Two-factor authentication app for BlackBerry 10 released
There are several two-factor authentication apps for BlackBerry, but Cyphercor Inc. is throwing their hat in the ring for BB10. The company announced their native two-factor authentication app for BlackBerry 10. According to the page in the BlackBerry World, the LoginTC app allows users to securely log on t....more
Dropbox for Android adds PDF viewer and in-document search
Dropbox updated its Android app today and it added a new PDF viewer. The PDF viewer allows users to preview PDF's no matter where they started in the Dropbox app. Even if you are offline you can use the Dropbox app to preview a PDF file assuming it is somewhere locally on your phone.
Hillary Clinton puts BlackBerry in the Spotlight
In case you have been hiding under a rock for 3 days, Hillary Clinton is involved in an email scandal. The presidential hopeful and former Secretary of State used a personal, privately managed email server for State Department business while she was Secretary of State. The decision to only use private email....more
Google finally releases calendar app for iPhone
Google has finally released a Google Calendar app for the iPhone. Google released a calendar app for Android last year, but iPhone users were left waiting. iPhone users can subscribe to Google Calendars using the native iOS calendar app, but it lacks several features specific to Google. Google Cale....more
iOS 8.2 installs Apple Watch app that cannot be removed
Apple pushed the iOS 8.2 update yesterday after the company's Spring Forward event. The update includes stability improvements and bug fixes, but the main focus of the update is obviously Apple Watch. The update installs a separate Apple Watch app that helps you pair your watch to your iPhone, but some user....more
Microsoft sues Kyocera over Android patents
One of the big secrets about Microsoft and Android is that Microsoft has over 300 patents used in Android licensing agreements. That means Microsoft makes a lot of money because of Android. In fact, they make multiple billions of dollars annually on Android patents. So, they don't take it lightly when a com....more
Cyanogen CEO sees Samsung going down in 5 years
Although Samsung has been dominant in the smartphone space for the last few years, one Android insider says they're going to lose to the competition. Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster doesn't think Samsung can hang in there for too much longer. In fact, he told Business Insider that Samsung will get "slaughtered" ....more
Sprint rolling out Lollipop for Galaxy 4 users
Sprint has released the latest Android 5 update for its Samsung Galaxy 4 users today. The Lollipop update is going out over the air and users will start to receive a notification that they should update. If you cannot wait for the update you can try launching the Settings app to grab the update manually. I....more
Is Windows Phone 10 already gaining momentum?
Microsoft is in the midst of a massive effort to gain the ground they gave up in the mobile computing space when the completely missed the smartphone craze. Windows Phone 8 has not been a hit, but the company is not sitting in the corner and sulking. They embarked on an effort to make Windows look and act t....more
webOS isn't dead after all
We all thought webOS died a few years ago when HP dumped it into the open source community. LG subsequently picked up the pieces of webOS and intended to use it in TV's and other appliances. Now it see LG has other plans. LG has announced the Watch Urbane and the Watch Urbane LTE. The Urbane LTE runs none....more
BBM for Android downloaded 100 million times
BlackBerry announced today that BBM for Android has been downloaded 100 million times. This is a significant milestone for BlackBerry who only opened up BBM to Android in 2013. The company says 100 million installs puts BBM "in the top tier of messaging apps on Google Play." BBM for Android has 3.7 million....more
BlackBerry will support Android for Work
Google announced a new program to help businesses ensure employees can bring Android devices to work and use them securely in the enterprise. Android for Work will help business so they don't have to issue multiple devices to employees. Google says, for "the majority of workers, smartphones and tablets are u....more
Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked photos
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is due out soon and pictures are starting to leak. This time the pictures above were posted to the XDA forums. The leaker does not identify himself or where he got the phone, but it is likely a demo unit. Covered by bubble wrap, the phone is hard to see in the original pictures. ....more
Toyota won't offer CarPlay or Android Auto for now
After fighting for the last 8 years for smartphone and tablet dominance, Apple and Google are both trying to get into your car. Both companies have platforms for car systems and they are trying to convince the auto companies to choose their respective platforms. In a recent New York Times article, Toyota's ....more
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Found: 801   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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