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BlackBerry is still on top in Canada
BlackBerry has been Canada's top tech company for a long time now, but with the last several years of decline for the smartphone maker, do they still stack up? The answer is yes! BlackBerry is still Canada's top tech company according to the annual Branham300 list. Even though BlackBerry had a 40% decline ....more
Sprint gets exclusive version of the HTC One M8
Sprint has apparently negotiated an exclusive version of the new HTC One M8. The M8 has been getting a lot of press recently, and some even call it the best smartphone ever. The HTC One M8 is fast, elegant, and has a fantastic display. The Sprint version will apparently feature Harman/Kardon speakers while....more
BBM Stickers selling surprisingly well
BlackBerry decided to monetize BBM for iOS and Android by selling stickers to its customers. The BBM app is free, but BlackBerry is up selling customers with fancy stickers. Many questioned the move when it was announced about a week ago, but the results are in, and they're doing surprisingly well. more
Office for iPad reaches 12 million downloads in one week
Microsoft appears to have a hit on their hands. Office for iPad was released a week ago and it has already been downloaded 12 million times. Office was expected to be popular on the iPad, but 12 million downloads in one week is impressive, especially when Apple gives away their iWorks apps. The ne....more
Amazon announces Fire TV streaming video box
Amazon is jumping into the streaming video box market with its own Fire TV box. Amazon announced Fire TV today, and it amounts to another competitor to Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast. Fire TV includes voice search which allows you to speak into the remote control and find movies by name. Other than that, th....more
iPhone users should dump Gmail
A little more than a year ago Google dropped Exchange support for iOS devices. Before Google crapped on millions of iPhone users who depended Gmail, iOS Mail and Gmail via Exchange was the best way to get push mail on any device. Apple’s Mail client on the iPhone was fantastic, and paired with Gmail it made....more
BlackBerry wins injunction against Ryan Seacrest's Typo keyboard
Typo, a Ryan Seacrest backed keyboard case for the iPhone, was sued by BlackBerry over it's obvious BB style keyboard. Typo vowed to live on, but it looks like a court has sided with BlackBerry. The United States District Court for the Northern District of California issued a preliminary injunction against ....more
BlackBerry suffers $423 million net loss
BlackBerry's fiscal fourth quarter ended on March 1, 2014 and it was not a good quarter. BlackBerry suffered a $423 million net loss for the quarter. Revenue for the quarter was only $976 million compared to $2.7 billion in the same quarter last year. That represents a 67% loss year over year. T....more
White House testing Samsung, LG phones, may dump BlackBerry?
According to The Wall Street Journal, the White House is currently testing phones from Samsung and LG, threatening one of BlackBerry's last strongholds. BlackBerry has historically been known for security. When President Obama came into office he famously convinced the Secret Service to allow him to continu....more
BlackBerry unveils Q20 QWERTY device
BlackBerry unveiled a new phone Tuesday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The BlackBerry Q20 is the new flagship device for the struggling smartphone maker. The Q20 is a full QWERTY device, complete with a trackpad. The picture above is a concept photo, and not an official photo of the phon....more
BlackBerry announces Z3 for Indonesia
BlackBerry announced a new phone for the Indonesian market at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The new BlackBerry Z3 is a full touch device that will be targeted for Indonesia. The Z3 is a BlackBerry 10 device with a 5 inch display and "long lasting" battery. The Z3 is expected to retail for less th....more
Blackphone shown off at MWC 2014
In the wake of Edward Snowden's NSA revelations, users are looking for privacy. Blackphone is a completely private phone designed to protect your privacy in several ways. It has baked in apps that protect you, as well as end to end encrypted dialing, VPN, etc. They were showing the phone off at M....more
John Chen speaks to Forbes about saving BlackBerry
Can BlackBerry be saved? It is all up to John Chen now. The new CEO continues to get press despite his company's position in the market. They are barely surviving, but many are placing their hope in Chen. Mr. Chen has given an interview to Forbes that is a must read for a BlackBerry fan hoping to see the ....more
Nokia announces Lumia Icon for Verizon
The Nokia Lumia Icon has been officially announced. We've heard rumors of this device for sometime, and now it is official. Verizon will get the Lumia Icon exclusively. Nokia says the first thing you will notice is the full 1080p HD, 5-inch display. The metal construction should give the device ....more
Executive in charge of BBM leaves BlackBerry
Another BlackBerry executive has left the company. According to a BlackBerry spokesperson, Andrew Bocking, executive vice president in charge of BBM, "has made the decision to leave" the company. BBM is a separate unit at BlackBerry as was widely believed to be key to BlackBerry's comeback. Mr. Boc....more
Apple designer quits, then blogs about how bad it is to work at Apple
For most of the tech world Apple seems like the place you want to work. It's a huge company that would be nice to have on your resume, and there seem to be perks galore. For designer Jordan Price however, working at Apple was more than he could handle. After walking out on Apple, he took to Medium to share....more
Send top secret messages with Wickr
Every since Edward Snowden leaked details of the US Government’s surveillance activities, Internet users have been looking for a secure way to communicate. Although services like Apple’s iMessage, and BlackBerry’s BBM claim to be completely secure, it seems as though the NSA may have a way around their encryp....more
Tilt for BlackBerry coming February 11
A new app from ReFocus is coming to BlackBerry 10 on February 11. Tilt, makes use of the gyroscope in the BlackBerry to notify you of important items when you need them. When the device is flat on a table the screen will remain black, but as you tilt it up colorful blocks will give you information. You can....more
Steve Wozniak says Apple Should Make an Android Phone
Woz was interviewed by Wired recently, and gave his thoughts on Apple making an Android phone. Really? Who cares? Woz was a brilliant engineer in the early days of Apple, but that doesn't mean he would have, or could have turned that small start up into the world's most dominating brand. Here's W....more
Typo responds to BlackBerry lawsuit
Typo Products, a keyboard case company backed by Ryan Seacrest, released its first iPhone keyboard case recently, and quickly became the target of a BlackBerry lawsuit. The suit seeks a preliminary injunction against Typo's iPhone keyboard case. In order to win the case, BlackBerry must convince a judge tha....more
Did Samsung ask Olympic athletes to cover Apple logos?
A report has been circulating that Samsung asked Olympic athletes to cover all non-Samsung logos during the opening ceremonies. Samsung gave Note 3's to Olympians as part of their gift bag, and several reports insisted Samsung required those athletes to cover logos of other phone manufacturers if they used t....more
NYPD testing Google Glass
Google Glass is widely seen as an expensive toy for Geeks, but that may not always be the case. There are many applications for Google Glass beyond geek culture. According to a report, the New York City Police Department is testing Glass with some officers as a way to fight crime.
We si....more
How will Satya Nadella change Microsoft?
Microsoft announced its new CEO pick, insider Satya Nadella the other day. The pick represents a huge change for Microsoft as Nadella is only the third CEO in Microsoft's history. Microsoft also announced Bill Gates would step down as chairman, but take a more active role in the company. How will ....more
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro up for pre-order in the UK
The Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro hasn't hit US shores yet, but it will soon be available in the UK. The massive Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro is up for pre-order in the UK. The price on the Note Pro is £649, about $1,076 US. For that price you get a WiFi version, in black or white. You also get a Gamepad worth £80....more
Samsung is failing says CNNMoney
Samsung had the most popular phones on the market. Their latest Galaxy S4 was the fastest selling Android phone of all time, but apparently that is not enough to keep their stock price up. Analysts were expecting Samsung to sell more than the 40 million S4's they sold in six months. The company released un....more
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Found: 2026   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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