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BlackBerry is still on top in Canada
BlackBerry has been Canada's top tech company for a long time now, but with the last several years of decline for the smartphone maker, do they still stack up? The answer is yes! BlackBerry is still Canada's top tech company according to the annual Branham300 list. Even though BlackBerry had a 40% decline ....more
This is what the iPhone 6's display might look like
Rumors have it that the iPhone 6 will launch with a larger, 4.7-inch display. The odd thing is the rumored resolution for that display is 1334 x 750. Why an odd resolution. Apparently, by keeping the display at 326 ppi, they can keep the icons and other controls the same size they are now, but make more sc....more
Leaked cases reveal new iPhone button placement
We have heard rumors that Apple will release two new iPhones this year. It is widely believed that we will see an iPhone 6 that is similar in size to the iPhone 5S, but thinner with a slightly larger display. The other rumor we have heard is Apple will release a phablet with a 5.5 inch display. We have als....more
BlackBerry issues security update for BB 10
BlackBerry has issued a security update for its BlackBerry 10 OS. The update fixes a vulnerability that has not yet been exploited, but the company wanted to get out ahead of it. Named CVE-2014-1468, the exploit is the result of a buffer overflow in the BlackBerry 10 qconnDoor network service . The servic....more
Sprint gets exclusive version of the HTC One M8
Sprint has apparently negotiated an exclusive version of the new HTC One M8. The M8 has been getting a lot of press recently, and some even call it the best smartphone ever. The HTC One M8 is fast, elegant, and has a fantastic display. The Sprint version will apparently feature Harman/Kardon speakers while....more
Robert Downey Jr. loves the HTC One M8
If you watch the video above you will know how much Robert Downey Jr. loves the HTC One M8. Does he actually love it, or is he just fulfilling his marketing contract with HTC. The smartphone maker signed Downey to a $12 million agreement last year. Whatever his motives, he is right. The M8 is the best sma....more
BlackBerry Z3 shown in the wild
BlackBerry announced the upcoming BB Z3 at the end of February. The Z3 is another full touchscreen phone by BlackBerry that will focus on the low end of the smartphone market. We haven't seen many photos of the Z3 until now. GengBBM has posted a photo of the Z3 along side the BB Z30 and Z10. The BlackBerr....more
Rhapsody and Napster get Chromecast Support
Rhapsody and Napster are now casting to Google's Chromecast from your Android phone or tablet. The announcement was made today via Rhapsody's Blog. Rival service Pandora has been on Chromecast for awhile now so Rhapsody is a little late, but better late than never right? The latest versions of Rh....more
BBM Stickers selling surprisingly well
BlackBerry decided to monetize BBM for iOS and Android by selling stickers to its customers. The BBM app is free, but BlackBerry is up selling customers with fancy stickers. Many questioned the move when it was announced about a week ago, but the results are in, and they're doing surprisingly well. more
T-Mobile offers BlackBerry users $100 credit to choose another phone
BlackBerry ended its agreement with T-Mobile, but T-Mobile is not taking the news laying down. T-Mobile is now offering $100 credit to BlackBerry customers who choose another phone. T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere said he was disappointed with BlackBerry’s decision. The company is now offering $100 credit to k....more
Sprint customers to get Windows Phone 8.1 update this summer
Sprint Windows Phone users are on notice they will get the Windows Phone 8.1 update this summer. Sprint announced the HTC 8XT and Samsung's ATIV S Neo will both get the WP 8.1 update this summer. No official date has been released, but more information will be released in the coming months. We should see W....more
Is this BlackBerry's next device?
BlackBerry's new CEO has already said he plans to release new BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry 10 devices were not all that successful, and it seems that BlackBerry will try to play to its strengths - the best mobile keyboard on the market. New leaked photos suggest a new BB is on the way. The ....more
Microsoft will make Windows free for devices under 9 inches
Microsoft's new CEO seems to be having a big impact since taking over the software giant. One of the bigger pieces of news to come out of Build 2014 was the announcement that Microsoft will make Windows and Windows Phone free for devices under 9 inches. That is huge news for Microsoft. How could they expec....more
Fixed: iPhone going straight to voicemail
Have your friends been telling you that your iPhone goes straight to voicemail when they call you? The chances are, the fix is quite simple. It has to do with your Do Not Disturb settings. Go into the Settings icon and then tap Do Not Disturb. Make sure the option is disabled and your phone should....more
Amazon announces Fire TV streaming video box
Amazon is jumping into the streaming video box market with its own Fire TV box. Amazon announced Fire TV today, and it amounts to another competitor to Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast. Fire TV includes voice search which allows you to speak into the remote control and find movies by name. Other than that, th....more
BlackBerry cuts ties with T-Mobile
BlackBerry devices will no longer be available at T-Mobile as BlackBerry has severed ties with the cell phone carrier. According to Reuters, BlackBerry will end a contract allowing T-Mobile to sell its products. It's a gamble, but BlackBerry needs to stabilize its business. BlackBerry will continue....more
iPhone users should dump Gmail
A little more than a year ago Google dropped Exchange support for iOS devices. Before Google crapped on millions of iPhone users who depended Gmail, iOS Mail and Gmail via Exchange was the best way to get push mail on any device. Apple’s Mail client on the iPhone was fantastic, and paired with Gmail it made....more
BlackBerry wins injunction against Ryan Seacrest's Typo keyboard
Typo, a Ryan Seacrest backed keyboard case for the iPhone, was sued by BlackBerry over it's obvious BB style keyboard. Typo vowed to live on, but it looks like a court has sided with BlackBerry. The United States District Court for the Northern District of California issued a preliminary injunction against ....more
BlackBerry suffers $423 million net loss
BlackBerry's fiscal fourth quarter ended on March 1, 2014 and it was not a good quarter. BlackBerry suffered a $423 million net loss for the quarter. Revenue for the quarter was only $976 million compared to $2.7 billion in the same quarter last year. That represents a 67% loss year over year. T....more
Google encrypts all Gmail after Snowden revelations
Google has made a significant change to its Gmail service today. The company announced Gmail will "always use an encrypted HTTPS connection when you check or send email." After last summer's revelations by Edward Snowden, Google was determined to stop mass surveillance by the NSA. This is a small step in t....more
White House testing Samsung, LG phones, may dump BlackBerry?
According to The Wall Street Journal, the White House is currently testing phones from Samsung and LG, threatening one of BlackBerry's last strongholds. BlackBerry has historically been known for security. When President Obama came into office he famously convinced the Secret Service to allow him to continu....more
QNX is turning out to be a winner after all
When BlackBerry announced its new QNX operating system a few years ago the tech world was underwhelmed. BlackBerry promised stunning performance and features on smartphones and tablets, but when QNX arrived the reception was tepid. As it turns out, BlackBerry had more to be proud of than we thought and we a....more
New iPhone 6 digitizer leak
Whenever a new iPhone is in the works we see purported leaked photos of parts. Sometimes they are legitimate, and sometimes they are not. We have seen leaked photos of the body of the phone, now comes another purported image of the iPhone 6 digitizer. The image of the digitizer first appeared on a....more
BlackBerry unveils Q20 QWERTY device
BlackBerry unveiled a new phone Tuesday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The BlackBerry Q20 is the new flagship device for the struggling smartphone maker. The Q20 is a full QWERTY device, complete with a trackpad. The picture above is a concept photo, and not an official photo of the phon....more
BlackBerry announces Z3 for Indonesia
BlackBerry announced a new phone for the Indonesian market at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The new BlackBerry Z3 is a full touch device that will be targeted for Indonesia. The Z3 is a BlackBerry 10 device with a 5 inch display and "long lasting" battery. The Z3 is expected to retail for less th....more
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Found: 3052   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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